07 – St Patrick’s Celebration Stout

My family organizes an annual St Patrick’s day party where many different groups of friends come together and spend the day together eating, drinking and catching up. Last year I brought a case of my “chinook-hopped rye IPA”, so my new tradition will be to bring homemade home brew each year to this gathering. For this year, I am attempting my first “dry Irish stout” and thus this recipe is being made for this party.


For the grain bill, the recipe is…

percentage lbs ingredient potential SG points
74.38% 9 maris otter  1.038  342
11.57% 1.4 flaked barley  1.032  44.8
11.57% 1.4 roast barley 500-500L  1.025  35
2.48% 0.3 chocolate malt 300-400L  1.034  10.2
100.00% 12.1  432


For the brew day volume / additions, the recipe includes…

step amount details
strike water 8.5 gal planned loss 0.75-1.25 gallons to mash, 1.5 gallons during 90 min boil, resulting in 5.75-6 gallons of wort in bucket.
mash temp 150 F single step mash
bittering hops 2 oz 1 oz East Kent Goldings, 1 oz UK Fuggle
whirlfloc 1/2 tablet added at 9:50pm
 yeast  1 packet  WYeast Irish Ale #1084


For the prep day, some details…

  • The LHBS didn’t have UK fuggle hops, so I got Willamette (alpha 5.2, beta 3.6) instead
  • The LHBS didn’t have 500L roasted barley, so I got 300L (Briess) instead.
  • Overnight, shook and smacked the WYeast pack, and curled it up with a hot water bottle overnight.



For the brew day results, here is how it went…

  • 5:33pm, flame on!
  • 6:15pm, reached strike temp of 157F
  • 6:26pm, all grains in and mash started at 150F
  • 7:26pm, mash out started, BIAB wort recovery process started
  • 7:46pm, 17 cups / 136 oz / 1.06 gallons recovered and flame on again!
  • 8:20pm, reached boil, added bittering hops
  • 9:20pm, 60 mins in, at 6.95 gallons volume, 0.54 gals / hour boil off rate
  • 9:40pm, immersion chiller added to kettle to sanitize
  • 9:50pm, whirlfloc 1/2 tablet added
  • 9:56pm, flame out and cooling begins.
  • 10:08pm, 12 mins into cooling, reached 70 F
  • Took gravity reading, OG 1.055
  • Took 2 cups (16 oz) of wort, set aside for spontaneous fermentation attempt
  • approximately 6 gallons of wort in the bucket
  • aerated wort for 2 mins with oxygen stone
  • yeast pitched, bucket capped, blow out tube attached
  • 10:28pm, beer is done and cleanup begins
  • 11:03pm, cleanup is done and sample is tasted!
  • 4/25/2016, I went back and tried to find my “brewhouse efficiency” for this batch, and I believe it came out to 77%.



Bottling day notes…

  • bottled this batch of beer on Sunday, December 27th 2015
  • the spontaneous fermentation sample had gotten moldy 2 weeks in, so it was not re-introduced back into the beer but was thrown out a couple of weeks ago (bew!).
  • during transfer to the bottling bucket i somehow screwed up and left at least 8 cups of liquid in the bucket. the siphon got air in it, and when i tried to tilt the bucket and re-start the siphoning it just wasn’t happening. #FML.
  • still, got 2 cases of beer (24 12oz’s + 12 22oz’s) and an extra 7 12oz’s, so did pretty good still.
  • the FG was 1.012, so with the OG of 1.055 this batch comes out at 5.6% abv.


A photo journey of this batch of beer…

Getting the wort up to a boil, using my signature 4 burner strategy 🙂


This batch only has 2 ounces of hops, willamette (5.2% alpha) and uk east kent goldings (5.7% alpha).


Getting down on the boil, looking pretty good.


I have a habit of straining the wort on its way to the fermentation bucket.



The batch has a pretty good volume going into the bucket, just about 6 gallons.


The OG came out to 1.055.


I had saved a 2 cup sample to try and sour with naturally occurring bacteria, but it didn’t work out so well, so this never made it back into the batch.


The batch of beer after fermentation, ready to be transferred to the bottling bucket.
Here we are on bottling day, transferring the wort and getting an FG sample.


The FG came out to 1.012.


Here is the gravity sample after bottling is done!


And here is a poured glass after a few weeks in the bottles, ready to be shared!


Making a batch of homemade labels for this batch of beer, Hudson’s face on a four leaf clover!


Made another batch of hudson’s homemade labels for this batch, this time four times the hudson for four times the cuteness!


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