11 – Habanero Chocolate Porter

Right on the heels of my upcoming 10th batch, the ginger saison, I am also planning the batch that will come after it….

Here is my draft recipe…

grains… lbs ingredient details potential SG points
75.00% 10.5 maris otter  1.038  399
10.71% 1.5 crystal 60  1.034  51
7.14% 1 chocolate malt uk  1.034  34
3.57% 0.5  briess black (patent) malt 500L  1.025  12.5
3.57% 0.5  roasted barley  1.025  12.5
100.00% 14  509
hops/additions… ounces
60mins 1 magnum hops
45 mins 4 cocoa solids (callebaut cocoa mass, 100%)  0.0  0
15 mins 1 east kent goldings hops
15 mins 1 add 1/2 whirlfloc tablet
15 mins 4 habanero peppers, de-seeded, de-veined, steamed
2 weeks out 4 cocoa nibs, raw
2 weeks out 4 habanero peppers, de-seeded, de-veined, steamed
yeast… package
1 package 1 WYeast 1098 British Ale
water… gallons
strike water 8.5 BIAB starting volume
ending volume 5.75 yeast pitching volume

This will be my second chance to keg a batch of homebrew, after letting it fully ferment and condition in my “brew bucket”, I plan to transfer it to a keg, cold crash it to remove some sediment and then force carb it.

Preparing for brew day…

  • Went to Kalustyans market to get a 16oz bag of “roasted cacao nibs”, and an 8oz block of Callebaut cocoa mass (100% cocoa). I’ll use some during my pilot batch to fine tune recipe amounts and then have more than enough for this and future batches.
  • Will get fresh habaneros from Whole Foods later today or tomorrow.

My brew day notes…

  • Brewed this beer on Sunday, October 16th 2016.
  • Found my newish ThermaPen to be very helpful in actually hitting my desired mash temperatures, built-in would say 154 when grains were mostly at like 130-140. Kept heating/mixing until more evenly at desired temps. Hope to see positive improvement in the beer!
  • I need a better way to measure the volumes, the spoon dip and measure is not working for me! I thought I was down to 5.5 gallons but after cooling and transfer had 5.75 in bucket and had to leave 1 gallon behind in the kettle. Lower OG than anticipated due to that – 1.060 instead of 1.071. Good news is, it seems i’m getting 80% brewhouse efficiency.
  • I put 3 habanero peppers into the boil to get some flavor, will put more in as secondary as planned.

Secondary additions day notes…

  • Wednesday, November 16 2016, I took 4 habanero peppers and 4 ounces cacao nibs, steamed them all together after deseeding/deveining the peppers for a few minutes, then pitched it all into the bucket.

Kegging day notes…

  • Wednesday, November 23 2016, I took a sample of the beer and the habanero was definitely quite present. It was time to transfer before it got any stronger.
  • The gravity reading read 1.020, resulting in a beer with 5.2% abv.
  • Tuesday, November 29th, I connected the CO2 and put it at just shy of 30PSI at like 11pm.

Photos of this batch…

steamed the habaneros and cacao nibs before pitching into secondary

And I thought this was the krausen taking its sweet time. I think it actually is from the cacao mass from brew day. All good, transferred to keg from underneath the surface.


2 thoughts on “11 – Habanero Chocolate Porter

  1. It was really good actually, but I learned a few things. Habaneros, turns out the additions in the boil didn’t do much. The ones in secondary totally did come through though as far as heat. At first almost too much but then it mellowed out and i liked it. For the nibs I think I need to cold crash better next time or filter. It was either frozen bottom of keg or chocolate clogging here and there. Not sure but I’d brew it again either way 🙂


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