11 – Habanero Chocolate Porter

Right on the heels of my upcoming 10th batch, the ginger saison, I am also planning the batch that will come after it….

Here is my draft recipe…

grains… lbs ingredient details potential SG points
75.00% 10.5 maris otter  1.038  399
10.71% 1.5 crystal 60  1.034  51
7.14% 1 chocolate malt uk  1.034  34
3.57% 0.5  briess black (patent) malt 500L  1.025  12.5
3.57% 0.5  roasted barley  1.025  12.5
100.00% 14  509
hops/additions… ounces
60mins 1 magnum hops
45 mins 4 cocoa solids (callebaut cocoa mass, 100%)  0.0  0
15 mins 1 east kent goldings hops
15 mins 1 add 1/2 whirlfloc tablet
15 mins 4 habanero peppers, de-seeded, de-veined, steamed
2 weeks out 4 cocoa nibs, raw
2 weeks out 4 habanero peppers, de-seeded, de-veined, steamed
yeast… package
1 package 1 WYeast 1098 British Ale
water… gallons
strike water 8.5 BIAB starting volume
ending volume 5.75 yeast pitching volume

This will be my second chance to keg a batch of homebrew, after letting it fully ferment and condition in my “brew bucket”, I plan to transfer it to a keg, cold crash it to remove some sediment and then force carb it.

Preparing for brew day…

  • Went to Kalustyans market to get a 16oz bag of “roasted cacao nibs”, and an 8oz block of Callebaut cocoa mass (100% cocoa). I’ll use some during my pilot batch to fine tune recipe amounts and then have more than enough for this and future batches.
  • Will get fresh habaneros from Whole Foods later today or tomorrow.

My brew day notes…

  • Brewed this beer on Sunday, October 16th 2016.
  • Found my newish ThermaPen to be very helpful in actually hitting my desired mash temperatures, built-in would say 154 when grains were mostly at like 130-140. Kept heating/mixing until more evenly at desired temps. Hope to see positive improvement in the beer!
  • I need a better way to measure the volumes, the spoon dip and measure is not working for me! I thought I was down to 5.5 gallons but after cooling and transfer had 5.75 in bucket and had to leave 1 gallon behind in the kettle. Lower OG than anticipated due to that – 1.060 instead of 1.071. Good news is, it seems i’m getting 80% brewhouse efficiency.
  • I put 3 habanero peppers into the boil to get some flavor, will put more in as secondary as planned.

Secondary additions day notes…

  • Wednesday, November 16 2016, I took 4 habanero peppers and 4 ounces cacao nibs, steamed them all together after deseeding/deveining the peppers for a few minutes, then pitched it all into the bucket.

Kegging day notes…

  • Wednesday, November 23 2016, I took a sample of the beer and the habanero was definitely quite present. It was time to transfer before it got any stronger.
  • The gravity reading read 1.020, resulting in a beer with 5.2% abv.
  • Tuesday, November 29th, I connected the CO2 and put it at just shy of 30PSI at like 11pm.

Photos of this batch…

steamed the habaneros and cacao nibs before pitching into secondary

And I thought this was the krausen taking its sweet time. I think it actually is from the cacao mass from brew day. All good, transferred to keg from underneath the surface.


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