6 – Have a Brew Day!

I think the previous pages are all that are needed to get you from zero to brewing, and here we are. I just had another brew day this past weekend, and was stoked to capture it on video and have my uncle Mike visit to help out (thanks to my wife for letting me take over the kitchen, and also for being a super camerawoman for the day). There was a lot of footage, so I tried my best to make it as short as possible, yet go through all the “important stuff” so that someone that has the time to watch through these can have a successful BIAB brew day. Thanks for watching!


Video 1: walkthrough of all the brew day equipment…


Video 2: walkthrough of all the brew day recipe ingredients…


Video 3: walkthrough of strike water prep and mashing the grains…


Video 4: mashout and boiling of the batch…


Video 5: cooling, oxygenating, pitching yeast, capping, and measuring gravity…



Continue reading…


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