10 – Ginger Saison

This is a placeholder for our upcoming 10th recipe, our first try at a “ginger saison”!

Here is my recipe

grains… lbs ingredient details potential SG points
67.86% 9.5 belgian pilsner malt  1.036  342
17.86% 2.5 flaked rye / malted rye  1.036  90
14.29% 1 Belgian-ish candi sugar (*attempt 1)  1.036  36
100.00% 13  468
hops/additions… ounces
60, first wort hops 1 hallertau
15 mins, ginger 4 peeled, washed, frozen, grated
15 mins,sugar 16 belgian candi sugar
15 mins, hops 1 saaz hops
15 mins 1 add 1/2 whirlfloc tablet
2 weeks out, hops 1 saaz hops
2 weeks out, for 2 days, ginger 0.5 peeled, washed, sliced thin
yeast… package
1 package 1  WYeast 3711 French Saison
water… gallons
strike water 8.5 BIAB starting volume
ending volume 5.75 yeast pitching volume

Depending on how much of the candi sugar I decide to use, am shooting for an OG of 1.061 to 1.065 which may result in a 6.7% to 7.2% ABV beer. We’ll see how it goes!

Also this will be my second batch ever to be kegged, and first time skipping conditioning and force-carbing the beer as soon as it cold crashes. Also I never have cold crashed before, so will try to do that in my finally-completed keezer right before ramping up the CO2.

Brew day notes…

  • Brewed this beer on Saturday, October 1 2016. Started around 12pm.
  • First time ever, I burnt a hole in one of my two BIAB bags, and had to spend almost an hour straining out the mashed grains before heating up to a boil. Wow that sucked, but glad I didn’t ruin the batch.
  • My ghetto volume measurements along the way seemed to indicate my boil off rate was faster than 1 gallon per hour, I initially was going to do an 80 minute boil but shortened it to a 60 minute boil. That made my 60 minute hop addition a 45 minute hop addition in reality.
  • Added my belgian candi sugar at abut 5 minutes left in the boil in a muslin bag. Found it was not really melting quick at all, next time might try adding it much earlier.
  • I am tired of straining the wort (slowly) on way to fermentation vessel, I think I’ll put even pellet hops in muslin bags from now on. That or resume using my bazooka tube.
  • Even with volume worries, I ended up about 5.8 gallons in the bucket with OG of 1.065. Ah, right about perfect so fingers crossed for a great outcome here.
  • Finished about 6pm, and the next morning was bubbling away. 24 hours later it was still bubbling pretty fast. This 3711 yeast is a monster!

Secondary notes…

  • Took my first sample from the brew bucket on Sunday, 10/30/2016. Wow that thing makes it so easy!
  • The gravity looked lower than 1.000, guessing 0.998 or 0.999, making abv 8.78 to 8.92.
  • I put the 1oz of secondary hops into the wort, and also 2oz of cleaned, skinned, sliced ginger.


Kegging day notes…

  • Daily tastes helped find when the ginger character was really coming through, thanks to that brew bucket spout!
  • Transferred this batch from the brew bucket to the keg on Monday, 11/7/2016.
  • First time transferring from the brew bucket, omg i love that thing. Perfectly left behind trub with minimal effort.
  • Got 2nd CO2 line connected to the keezer, used it to purge the keg.
  • Put 2nd keg into the keezer, was quite a PITA actually. Hoping the 3rd one will fit when the time comes.


Photos of this beer recipe…


Taking a gravity reading during secondary additions. Looks like 0.998 or 0.999!



Sample tasting before adding secondary additions.


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