Working with Sugar

I’m putting together some notes related to using sugar in beer, specifically for making Belgian candi sugar, candied ginger and other things…


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Some temporary notes while researching inversion and hydrolysis of sucrose:


237 for 20 minutes to invert the sugar

add the cream of tartar, bring to 260

add the DAP, boil 260-275 for 20 mins
maintain the 260-275 range for the entire boil
only raise to 300 at end to reach hard crack stage
never go about 305 (avoid 320)
avoiding caramelization
fructose, 110C / 230F
glucose, 160C / 320F
sucrose, 160C / 320F
cane sugar (sucrose) inverts and becomes glucose/fructose
at 237, the fructose will caramelize, the glucose won’t
glycolysis is turning fructose into glucose

Click to access InversionSucrose.pdf

hydrolysis 100C-128C / 212-262F
2-6% nitric acid, 0-300 minutes
xylose, glucose, arabinose + acetic acid, furfural
0.3mol cane sugar, 0.1mol HCl, 1000g water
118.4F, for 20 minutes, 32% of sugar is hydrolyzed
40-45C / 104-113F to avoid HMF production (hydroxy-mehtyl-furfural) associated with color formation