Filtering Beer

I am going to start filtering my homebrewed beer, in order to remove the yeast once all the good work is done. I’ll update this page once all is set, but I have some parts on order already and looking forward to trying this out real soon!

The setup I’m going for has the following…

  • two kegs to be used, a source keg and a destination keg. beer goes from fermentation vessel into the source keg.
  • two filter housings, daisy chained with beer line and MFL connections.
  • the first housing will hold a 5 micron filter, the second housingwill hold a 1 micron filter (perhaps a 0.5 micron filter eventually).
  • Sanitizer, then CO2 will get pumped through the kegs and filters.
  • Then beer will get pumped through the filters, and once the second keg is full, then the filtering is done 🙂

Here is my equipment list…

item # price per unit cost url
filter housing – pentek 3/8 2 $20.82  $41.64
housing wrench 1 $7.37  $7.37
jumper hose 4* $9.99 $39.96
MFL disconnects 2 $4.99 $9.98
filter, 5 micron 1 $4.01 $4.01
filter, 1 micron 1 $4.08 $4.08
total: $107.04

I am getting 4 of the jumper hose kits, but only need 3 of them. The reason I’m getting 4 is that I don’t know exactly which end will go into the second housing and needed that one part. So I’ll just save myself the headache and trip to hardware store for that one piece and get the exact correct part while I’m doing all this ordering.