12 – Molasses Milk Stout

It was a Friday afternoon and my wife told me she had to do some work on Saturday and would be stuck on the computer. I figured “wow, a perfect excuse to have a brew day” and did some quick prep and ran to the LHBS after work. This recipe is going well so far, it’s been in the fermenter about a week so just realized I didn’t put any of my notes up yet so doing that now. Here is what I have…

Here is my recipe…

grains… lbs ingredient details potential SG points
73.08% 9.5 maris otter  1.038 361
10.00% 1.3 flaked oats  1.037 48.1
7.69% 1 caramel malt 80L  1.034 34
6.15% 0.8 chocolate malt  1.025 27.2
3.08% 0.4 roasted barley  1.025 10
100.00% 13 598.3 (539.3 from grains)
hops/additions… ounces
80 mins total planned boil length
60 mins 2 uk east kent goldings, 1oz
us fuggle, 1oz
45 mins 1 lactose, 10% (1.3lbs)  1.035  45.5
15 mins 1 blackstrap molasses, 6oz  1.036  13.5
10 mins whirlfloc, 1/2 tablet
yeast… package
1 package 1 WYeast 1092 London Ale
water… gallons
strike water 8.5 BIAB starting volume
ending volume 6.0 yeast pitching volume


For the lactose and molasses additions, I transferred some wort to a second kettle, dissolved the additions into it, and then reintroduced the wort back to the main kettle. I felt this would be an easy way to avoid scorching any on the bottom.



Preparing for brew day…

  • Friday, November 18th, warmed up and then smacked the yeast pack, let it sit wrapped in a towel with a hot water bottle overnight.


My brew day notes…

  • Brewed this beer on Saturday, November 19th 2016.
  • I still need to get a measurement dip stick or something, I’m always guesstimating how much volume is left when planning to go flame out and avoid having the right amount.
  • It appears I got 78% brewhouse efficiency on this batch, with 6 gallons in the bucket and a starting OG of 1.070.


Checking on the beer…

  • Took a sample on Friday, December 9th 2016 and found the gravity to be 1.017, resulting in 6.93% abv.
  • We were going to move on Wed Dec 21st, so I had to transfer the beer to a keg on Mon, Dec 19th. We had just flown back home from St Louis on Sunday night so I was pretty shot. But I got it done!
  • I got the keezer plugged back in and down to 40F the day after Christmas and got this batch in there. It got a few days to cold crash, then a few days at 30PSI. Then down to about 14PSI. It’s been ramping up steadily since then and should be ready now!




Photos of this batch…

Getting to a boil


iPhone 20161129 148.png
Dissolving the lactose into some of the wort off the flame


gravity reading right before fermentation, 1.070