14 – Ginger Saison II

This is the first time I’m brewing a batch of homebrew and repeating a recipe, partly because I liked it a lot the first time and more so because it was my wife’s help that got me to make it the first time and she didn’t get to try it as she was making our baby 🙂

For this 2nd attempt, I’m making some small refinements so figured that would warrant a separate recipe page to track the batch’s details…


The list of items I’ll be using in this recipe…

grains… lbs ingredient details potential SG points
91% 10 weyermann bohemian pilsner base malt  1.038 361
9% 1 weyermann carared crystal/caramel malt  1.035 48.1
100.00% 11 481.1(409.1 from grains)
hops/additions… amount
60 mins 2oz saaz hops
45 mins 2.5 lb belgian candi sugar, dark amber (homemade) – used all what i had lying around  1.036  90
10 mins whirlfloc, 1/2 tablet
10 mins pepper, 0.75oz
yeast… package
1 package 1 WYeast 3787 Trappist Style High Gravity


Preparing for brew day…

  • Got my yeast and hops the morning of brew day, smacked and heated yeast on dashboard of car on ride home, then let it also sit for several hours during prep / brewing.

Here are my brew day notes from Saturday, November 4th 2017…

time step amount details
6:36pm flame on! 8.5 gal strike water added, and blichmann fired up
7:17pm beta glucans mash, 105F reached 108F at 7:09pm, grains all in at 7:17pm
7:52pm protein rest mash reached 122F at 7:52pm
saccharification mash
saccharification mash
boil start
60 mins additions
15 mins additions
10 mins out
flame out
cooling done
oxygen and yeast

Update: adding 2oz fresh sliced ginger into the beer after 2 weeks (Saturday, 11/18/2017)

Update: turned temp down to 37F after another week (Saturday, 11/25/2017)



Pictures of this recipe…


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