Tasks List

Here is my actual list of tasks once I got things ordered and had to start getting things done…



My Tasks List for getting the project completed:

  1. Order everything for the keezer (except the wood).
  2. Get the freezer lid and body sanded, primed, painted.
    1. need can of annie sloan chalk paint, “graphite” color.
    2. either https://www.anniesloan.com/stockists/north-america/united-states/london-design-co-of-chelsea or https://www.anniesloan.com/stockists/north-america/united-states/verdigreen-1187
    3. need 220 grit or similar sandpaper sheets, also 400 grit for finishing (optional)
    4. need silver craft paint / acrylic paint
    5. need briwax dark wax, and also cheaper generic paste wax (if 1 can isn’t enough)
    6. need a latex brush
    7. need a buffing rag
  3. Get the wood for the collar ordered, measured, cut.
    1. front and back pieces:
      1. length: 28 3/8″
      2. thick: 2 3/8″ with insulation
      3. height: 8-9″
    2. left and right pieces:
      1. length: 19 3/8″ (19 1/2 too long)
      2. thick: 2 3/8″ with insulation
      3. height: 8-9″
  4. Get the collar holes drilled.
  5. Shopping list for collar:
    1. random orbit sander (to smooth miter edges and top/bottom of collar pieces)
      1. Ryobi belt 3×18 (http://www.homedepot.com/p/Ryobi-3-in-x-18-in-Portable-Belt-Sander-BE319/205216313)
      2. WEN 3×21 (http://www.homedepot.com/p/WEN-7-Amp-3-in-x-21-in-Corded-Belt-Sander-with-Dust-Bag-6321/206346534)
      3. Makita BO5041K (http://www.homedepot.com/p/Makita-3-Amp-5-in-Corded-Random-Orbit-Sander-with-Variable-Speed-BO5041/205671780)
    2. sand disks – very coarse / coarse / fine
    3. hand adjustable clamps (2) to hold wood together (and for future use)
    4. liquid nails / gorilla glue (to attach collar to chest freezer)
    5. yellow wood glue (to attach collar pieces, if not using ln or gg)
    6. polyurethane clear wood finish (to seal wood to prevent mold)
    7. silicone sealant for collar inside bottom
    8. screws (to attach collar pieces from inside)
    9. brass or similar bolt (for secondary regulator end side)
    10. insulation 1″ and silver lining for inside or at least corners
  6. Get the collar sanded, glued/screwed, fully assembled.
  7. Get the collar stained/waxed.
  8. Get the collar attached to the freezer body.
  9. Shopping list for lid project:
    1. order zinc sheeting (35″ x 25″ or more).
    2. buy shears to cut corners.
    3. need dead blow hammer or similar to bend corners?
    4. need soldering materials and tool.
    5. metal filing tools.
  10. Cover freezer lid with zinc sheeting
    1. Glue zinc sheet to freezer lid.
    2. Cut zinc down to size.
    3. Fold zinc over all four corners, gluing and clamping down.
    4. Drill holes in lid for hinges.
    5. File down corners, solder, file again.
    6. Sand entire zinc surface with fine grit.
  11. Get the freezer lid attached to the collar.
    1. Align lid with collar and drill holes for hinges.
    2. Monkey glue and weights to attach collar to freezer.
  12. Mount secondary regulator and shanks to the collar.
  13. Get insulation layer attached to the collar.

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