Every time I use a new strain of yeast, whether it be dry or liquid, I’ll jot it down here with any details I research related to it. For now, most of my research will be gathered from online forums regarding other more experienced brewer’s suggestions, and also from sites such as John Palmer’s “How to Brew” (beer brewers bible). The list is short right now, but as time goes on and batches are made, well you get the idea…

Listed as an English ale yeast with fast fermentation and excellent sedimentation properties. I’ve pitched this as one packet (rehydrated in 1 cup of water for 20 mins) per 5 gallon batch. In a stronger beer, such as the imperial stout, I used 2 packets in 2 cups of water instead. I usually get a VERY fast fermentation period, as far as visible bubbles go. Within a day and ahalf it is bubbling and within another day or two the bubbles are gone.


Used this yeast in my chinook hopped rye ipa (1 packet) and also the imperial vanilla stout (2 packets).


First using this in the antithesis saison du vin, reading that it is fast and vigorous but tends to need very high temperatures to sustain fermentation (reaching 90F). Otherwise, may need another yeast to come pitch in.


First using this to reinforce the 3724 if/when it gets stuck. This one is listed to be good to finish things up when other yeasts stall out.


References for more info…

Fermentis website for Safale yeasts


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