Every time I use a hop variety, whether it be pellet or whole leaf, I’ll jot it down here with any details I research related to it. For now, most of my research will be gathered from online forums regarding other more experienced brewer’s suggestions, and also from sites such as John Palmer’s “How to Brew” (beer brewers bible) and HopUnion.com (great info on hop pedigree/history). Also there is an extensive list of hops on Wikipedia which I’ll link to also…


Grown in the USA, having alpha acids ranging from 9-11.5% and beta acids 3.5-4.5%. A good general purpose bittering hop, but also with floral and citrus aromas for use later on.


Grown in the USA, having alpha acids ranging 12-14% and beta acids 3-4%. A strong bittering hop, with heavy spice aroma.
I used these in a chinook hopped rye ipa, which is still in fermentation. Will be sure to put tasting notes once it’s ready!


Need to research further…


Grown in the USA, having alpha acids ranging 10-14% and beta acids 4.5-7%. A bittering hop with no distinct aroma. Bred off of German magnum and Galena hops, good for lagers.


Grown in the UK, having alpha acids ranging 6-9% and beta acids 3.2-4.2%. A dual purpose hop with clean bittering and spicy/sweet aromas. Good for english style ales.


References / Useful sites for more information regarding hops:

WikiPedia, “List of hop varieties”


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