04 – Chinook Hopped Rye IPA

Hot on the heels of the third ever batch, I wanted to keep with my habit of having back to back brew-day weekends. So, the day after getting the imperial vanilla stout into the fermentation bucket, I put an order for some ingredients for this next batch, a chinook hopped rye ipa. Goals here are to experiment with a new hop and a new grain. The new hop will be chinook hops, and will be the only hop in the recipe. For the grains, I am looking to have two-row pale malt, a bit of caramel 120, and some rye malt. Still working on the exact ratios but this is going to be fun. While I didn’t track down the recipe clone details, the initial inspiration would have to be Green Flash Road Warrior…

For the grain bill, I ended up going with the following…

percentage lbs ingredient
73.33% 11 rahr 2-row malt
6.67% 1 breiss organic c-120l
20.00% 3 briess rye malt
100.00% 15


For the hop schedule, am looking to do the following…

timing amount type
start/90 mins 1oz chinook leaf hops
60 mins 1oz chinook leaf hops
15 mins 1oz chinook leaf hops
5 mins 1oz chinook leaf hops
dry hop 2 weeks in 1oz chinook leaf hops


Looking forward to this one, most likely will brew this coming weekend 🙂

We brewed this beer on Sunday, Jan 18th 2015, and the brew day notes are below…

  • Strike water 7.5 gallons resulted in about 6.4 gallons after 60 minutes BIAB mash and squeeze.
  • Based on starting boil volume, went for 60 min boil instead of 90 minute boil.
  • Did hop addition of 2oz at 60 mins instead of 1oz at 90 and 1oz at 60, then the planned 1oz at 15 and 1oz at 5.
  • Cool down from boiling to about 68F in 10 or so minutes.
  • Transfer to fermentation bucket resulted in about 4.8 gallons of wort, with OG reading of 1.065.
  • Mental note: start with 8 gallons strike water next time, and do consider squeezing the 4 muslin bags of hops at end.

The beer will sit in fermentation for most likely two weeks or more, then will get dry hopped for a week or more. Most likely will do 2.5 weeks, then dry hop for 1.5 weeks, then bottle…

We dry hopped this beer on Tuesday, February 10th, and then bottled the beer on Monday, February 23rd. Our notes from the results are…

  • The OG original gravity reading was 1.065 and the FG final gravity reading was 1.010, resulting in about 7.2% ABV (awesome!)
  • The overall volume filled 40 12oz bottles, falling short of our planned 48 bottles/2 cases.
  • Turns out I am not that good at squeezing the BIAB bags, or more accurately I underestimated the starting volume of strike water. OK lesson learned for next time 🙂
  • Also I stirred up the trub a bit near the end so also didn’t rack as much of the beer as I usually do, probably 2 or 3 bottles worth, which was part of why I ended up short on volume too.


I opened the first bottle of this batch on Friday, March 13th. And it was awesome! Had great carbonation, decent head retention (compared to my beers so far), and it didn’t have the unexpected sweetness that my first IPA had. Good outcome so far. Here is what it looks like…


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