Every time I use a new grain in my beer, I’ll add it to this list with any personal thoughts or details researched related to it.…

I get this as my base malt for most every recipe so far. The staple “two row pale malt” at my LHBS, details are SKU 5298. Lovibond 1.8, DP 140. “Clean, sweet, mild malty. Use as base malt for all beer styles” right from the horse’s mouth.

I have used this as a complimentary grain, most recently as 6% of the grapefruit IPA. “Candylike sweetness, mild caramel.”

I have used this as a complimentary grain, most recently as 4.3% of the grapefruit IPA. Details are SKU 5419, Lovibond 1.3. “Flavor, none. Use up to 5% for increased foam, head retention and enhanced mouthfeel in any beer style”

CHÂTEAU CARA RUBY (Castle Malting)
I first used this in my grapefruit IPA when the LHBS was out of caramel vienne 20L. Details are SKU 7032. Lovibond 19.3. “A medium Belgian caramel-style malt. High temperature of germination. Taste development at up to 220C, intense aroma. Château Cara Ruby® malt imparts a rich caramel-sweet aroma and a toffee-like flavour, adding light amber to reddish colour to beer. A distinguishing characteristic of all caramel malts is glassiness. This glassy endosperm creates the desirable non-fermentable components that give true caramel malt the ability to contribute mouthfeel, head, head retention, and extended beer stability.”


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