J. Wakefield Brewery from Miami, Florida

Just added a cool brewery called “J. Wakefield Brewery”, hailing from Miami, Florida. Reading up about it, it seems John got started with beer homebrewing in 2005 and once he got hooked he put his accounting and culinary skills to use and hit the ground running.

Glad he did, this place looks off the chain. They have a variety of beers ranging from berliner weisse to russian imperial stouts. And, they’ll be up in Brooklyn this weekend on Saturday, November 14th at Torst, so look to hit that place up and try some of their beers.

Check em out on the site: http://bodobeers.com/brew/23517


Good Read: Yeast Growth by Dr. Clayton Con

This weekend I am reading up on yeast growth and starters to determine how much liquid yeast I should buy, whether I should use one or two packets,or whether or not I should plan on making a starter. i stumbled on this link and I think it is a very valuable read. Some questions I’ve had, and I think this will help solve are…

Q) Can I just pitch more yeast to be safe?
Q) What if it’s too hot or cold during my fermentation?

Check it out: http://www.danstaryeast.com/articles/yeast-growth

Funky Buddha Brewery, Oakland Park, Florida

Just added a cool craft beer brewery from Oakland Park, Florida to the site. Funky Buddha Brewery started in 2010 and in their words “is committed to producing bold craft beers that marry culinary inspired ingredients with time-honored technique”.

Some interesting brews like “sweet potato casserole”, check em ouuuuuut…


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