I’m putting this page together to keep track of various URLs and formulas to better calculate the details of my beer homebrewing recipes. Items that I want to have better awareness of are…

  • mashing and brewhouse efficiency
  • wort evaporation
  • hop utilizations, acid conversion, and wort absorption
  • IBUs, OG and FG targeting based on recipe
  • etc


Some handy URLs:

ABV Calculator (Brewer’s Friend):

Malt, Grain and Extract Reference (BeerSmith)

Brew United’s Grain Database

Calculating Original Gravity for Beer Recipe Design (BeerSmith)

Dilution and Boiloff Gravity Calculator (Brewer’s Friend)

All Grain OG, FG, ABV Calculator (Brewer’s Friend)

Understanding Malt Spec Sheets: Advanced Brewing (BYO)

Understanding Efficiency


Some details for me to keep handy:

How much wort do whole leaf hops absorb?
I’ve seen pages mention 0.15 quarts/ounce

How to identify the potential SG from the “extract FG, dry basis” value, say 73%
pSG = 1 + (extract FG / 100) * 0.04621
pSG here equals 1.0337 or 1.034