09 – Oatmeal IPA

For my ninth batch of homebrewed beer, I wanted to try making an IPA that incorporates oats to add a silkiness that I liked when recently trying one of these at Covenhoven in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. It was called You People by Threes Brewing, and it was interesting. After doing some research, it seems there are quite a few small breweries making these and getting great results. So, that is the direction my next batch would be in…


Here is my recipe

grains… lbs ingredient details potential SG points
72% 9 2-row malted barley  1.036  324
18% 2.25 flaked oats  1.037  83.25
10% 1.25 vienna malt  1.036  45
100.00% 12.5  452.25
hops… ounces
first wort hops 3 simcoe (2), citra (1)
whirlpool 175F, 60 mins 3 simcoe (2), cascade (1)
2 weeks out, for 1 week 3 simcoe (2), cascade (1)
yeast… package
1 package 1  WYeast 1318 (London Ale III) was also considering Conan or GigaYeast GY054 (Vermont IPA) or The Yeast Bay (Vermont Ale)



For the day-before, I had the following notes…

  • Friday, April 22nd 2016, got the shopping done!
  • I ended up with 6oz, 2oz cascade, 1oz citra whole leaf hops.
  • I let the pack of  yeast get to room temperature, then smacked and towel wrapped it with a hot water bottle for the night.



Here is my brew day notes from Saturday, April 23rd 2016…

time step amount details
 10:30am strike water prep 8.5 gal strike water ready to go, flame on!
 10:47am mash in reached strike temp of 110F
 10:55am protein rest mash  20 mins all grains in, temp of 105F (but was at 110 still?)
 11:15am bring up to temp flame on to get to next mash temperature
 11:37am saccharification mash  60 mins reached mash temp of 152F
 12:40pm mash out BIAB wort recovery process, post-mash volume 7.9 gallons
 1:09pm FWH and flame on FWH addition and flame on to reach boil
 1:35pm Boil starting Reached temperature, 90 mins out!
 2:05pm 60 mins out 7.5 gallons left, 0.37 boiled off
 2:55pm 10 mins out 6.5 gallons left, estimate 6.4 at flameout
 2:55pm immersion chiller place immersion chiller in the boil with 10 mins remaining, and the whirlfloc
 3:05pm Boil done! Flame out, bring temperature to whirlpool temp
 3:10pm Whirlpool hops! Add the whirlpool hops, let sit for 60 mins!
4:10pm chill wort bring temperature down to 65F-ish
 4:18pm, 63F transfer and OG transfer wort to fermentation bucket, measure OG and volume. OG was 1.070, volume 5 gallons flat.
 4:35pm oxygenation  1 minute of pure oxygen to the wort
 4:38pm pitch yeast and cap get the yeast in there, cap it and put a blow off tube
 6:00pm cleanup done get it all cleaned up and taste the beer sample!


From this brew day, some notes to consider…

  • first 30 minutes, boil off rate of 0.37 gallons
  • using assumption of 0.15 quarts/ounce of whole leaf hops, estimating 0.225 gallons of wort lost to hops.
  • Estimated flame out wort volume of 6.4 gallons – hops absorption = 6.18 gallons wort.
  • Wort volume that made it into fermentation bucket was 5 gallons flat. Where did the wort go?


From this batch fermenting and dry hopping…

  • Wow this yeast took its sweet time with krausen settling. At two weeks in, then three weeks in, still had a full krausen. Finally about about 3.5 weeks it settled.
  • Dry hopped the batch with 3oz of hops (2 simcoe, 1 cascade) on Tuesday, May 17 2016.
  • Will plan to transfer to my new korny keg next week!


For bottling, er kegging day…

  • Had to wait until Wednesday, 5/25/2016 to get my CO2 tank back from the welding shop.
  • That day, siphoned wort to bottling bucket, only had 3.75 gallons after leaving a good amount behind in the hops and stirred up gunk.
  • Boiled 1 gallon of water for 15 minutes with 4.5oz of dextrose, then cooled, then added to the beer in the bottling bucket.
  • Originally, the OG was 1.070 on this batch and the FG was 1.009 resulting in an 8.01% abv.
  • With the added 1 gallon of water, the new OG is 1.055, resulting in a 6.04% abv.


A photo walkthrough of this recipe’s adventure…

This batch was the first time I used my newly acquired “bazooka tube” for keeping hops from clogging the ball valve.


Also my first batch that used a significant amount of oatmeal.



My patented multiple bag BIAB technique 🙂



The first set of hops, the first wort hopping, included Citra whole leaf hops.

…and Simcoe too


Lots of hops up front!



My patented multiple pots heating up method 🙂



After the boil, Cascade whole leaf hops and some more Simcoe got into the kettle.



Here we have 3 ounces of hops added for a full 60 minus of hop standing / whirlpooling.



Alas, I only got 4 gallons of wort at the end of brew day. Pretty sure boiled it down a touch too long.



The OG reading came out to 1.070, a bit stronger than I was expecting.


The gravity sample will not go to waste, we shall drink thee!


This yeast sure took its time. This was just over 2 weeks into fermentation, couldn’t dry hop until 3 weeks in as the krausen was hanging out for a long time.



Hudson was making sure I got our dry hopping done right. 3 ounces of hops, most we’ve dry hopped so far!


I’m wondering if we need to do something different in the future. Most of them just sat on top.


After a week of dry hopping, the hops are moist but still most of them are on top. Totally going to try submerging them next time.


Transferring via siphon to the bottling bucket.


Our FG reading came out to 1.009.


After putting priming sugar solution into our new keg, siphoned once more to get the wort in there.


Here we are, the first time ever kegging and got just shy of 5 gallons in there. 4.75 gallons including the 1 gallon of water we boiled with the dextrose.


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