Bottling Day, FastRack Bottle Storage

For anyone that is looking to bottle their beer once it’s ready, then you need to store a couple cases of bottles more or less, depending on what size batch you’re making. I make 5 gallon batches, which clock in right at about two cases of beer. Also I live in an apartment so space-saving and efficiency are key. For bottle storage I did some research and found that the “bottle tree” options were not for me. They look a bit unstable, and not sure if they hold that many really.

I stumbled across the FastRack Beer Bottle Drying & Storage System, and after reading up on it, this was the solution for me. They sell them as individual trays that hold 24 12oz bottles per tray, or as a kit with two trays and a liquid catcher for the bottom. I got the kit, and it’s served me quite well so far.

The best thing for me is that once I get my bottles accumulated, I just take them out of the box, clean them, and store them right into the FastRack from the kitchen sink. They dry upside down, and the water is gathered at the bottom. I don’t have to try and stack two cases of bottles on my dish drying rack, and another bonus is you can stack multiple FastRack trays on top of each other. So, no matter how many you are storing, they only take the footprint of one box of beer.

They hold 12oz’s extremely well, 22oz’s sort of OK too. The actually make a “wine / bomber” size which probably works perfect for larger bottles. You can get one of each, two of each, whatever you plan to use.

What I like is that as I drink beers, accumulate bottles, they go right into the FastRack and then once it’s full, it’s time to bottle beer again!

Check em out:



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