7 – Secondary Additions

In between your “brew day” and “bottling day”, you might have a step in your recipe where you are supposed to add additions, such as hops, wood chips, etc. This step might be something like two weeks out from brew day, or a week before bottling day, depending on how long your beer needs to sit on the added ingredients. Many recipes might call for “transfer to secondary” but these days most folks agree that that transfer is not necessary for several reasons (increased risk of infection, no actual impact from letting yeast sit on the trub, etc).

I’ve had the chance to add things to a few recipes so far, and will include some information about the steps on this page.

Most recently, I “dry-hopped” my Chinook Hopped Rye IPA and took a quick video of the steps…


Also I “vanilla-beaned” my Imperial Vanilla Stout, which was my first time using vanilla beans…


Continue reading…


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