Brew-day, Boiling Kettle

When I was reading up on beer homebrewing, one of the first pieces of equipment I needed to get was going to be the boiling kettle. Regardless of which method I went with (extract, partial mash, BIAB, all grain, etc) it would come down to what batch size I would make. I quickly decided I wanted to make 5 gallon batches, but after all the reading about bigger beers, boil-overs and having to buy equipment all over again to grow into bigger batches… oh, and I can’t forget after taking pretty thorough measurements of the space above my kitchen stove and across the burners…. I decided to go with a 15 gallon boiling kettle. Also, I pretty much knew I was going with stainless steel early on since I wanted the best food-grade metal possible for beer and maybe other food adventures.

There are a bunch of companies out there that make probably great kettles, but I stumbled across Spike Brewing and went with theirs because I liked supporting an American company, I liked that they had this cool horizontal coupler design, and I liked that they put their dog as their company logo.


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