Considering a Fuller’s London Pride Homebrew Batch

Today I decided it might be fun to try and brew a batch of Fuller’s London Pride, as that is a beer that I have here and there with friends and it might be a nice malty “not so hoppy” brew to have handy. Did some research, and found some useful information…

First, this page had everything one might wish for related to making this beer. Everything I’m getting is right from there. It was a quick find, and it was very helpful.


So the details I’ll want to keep handy for planning this BIAB 5 gallon batch at home:

  • Base malt, British Pale Ale malt of some kind. Approaching 90-95%
  • Accent with some Crystal Malt, 75L, the remaining 5-10%
  • Bittering hops, Target. Probably 1 ounce at 60 mins out. Recipe calls for 1/2oz.
  • Flavoring hops, Challenger and/or Northdown 1 ounce at 15 mins out. Recipe calls for 2/3oz combined.
  • Mash temperature of 147-149 for 60 minutes.
  • A one hour boil.
  • Yeast, perhaps WYeast 1098, 1335 or 1968 (british ale, british ale 2, or esb)
  • Pitch yeast at around 63F, goal temperature of 68F.
  • At some point, reduce the temperature if possible, back to the low 60’s.
  • Let ferment for 2-3 weeks, then bottle for 3 or more weeks.
  • Target OG 1.048, FG 1.012, IBU 33, SRM 14, ABV 4.7%

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