5 – Buy Your Recipe Ingredients

Once you have homed in on your beer homebrewing recipe, you can buy all the ingredients from your favorite source. Obviously if you have an LHBS (local home brew shop) in the area, you should try to just get everything there. First, because you can get it fresher there than mostly anywhere else, and secondly to support such a vital business for your neighborhood. These days everything is available online, and sometimes you should use websites for stuff… but if they carry what you need, go there first, then rely on the websites for stuff you can’t get locally.

Make a list of the ingredients you need, and the quantities of each. Write it down, bring it with you, check it off as you get things done, and then check it twice before you go home. The last thing you want is to wake up for your brew day and then realize you are missing something and have to postpone. For example, be sure you get your…

  • base malt and specialty grains, crushed. i put mine through twice just because i want higher efficiency. that’s up to you though.
  • hops. get enough hops for your recipe, whole leaf or pellet. i prefer leaf but that’s just me.
  • yeast, dry or wet pack. i have only used dry so far, but get enough for your recipe. most will use 1 packet, but stronger beers will use 2 (or more).
  • beer clarifying agent, optional. i use whirlfloc tablets (1/2 per 5 gallons).
  • water. make sure you know where you are getting your water from. i use poland spring 5 gallon jugs, but you might use tap. or something different.
  • oxygen, if you are using an oxygen stone. have handy if you are. might have to visit the hardware store on way home for that.
  • dextrose. not used on brew day, but i usually pick up my 5oz of dextrose while i’m at the LHBS for use a few weeks later on bottling day.
  • equipment, but make sure you didn’t run out from your last batch: biab bags, small muslin bags for the hops (if you want to use them), sanitizer.


I usually swing by the LHBS the evening before my brew day, usually if I can get off of work early on Friday. Then I am free to brew on Saturday or Sunday morning, whichever day has crappier weather 😛


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