Bottling Day, Vinator Bottle Rinser

Before bottling that home-brewed beer, you’ll need to make sure  your bottles are thoroughly cleaned and also thoroughly sanitized. For sanitizing bottles, I get this done with a starsan/water solution and then let them dry a bit in the rack. I found that my first purchase for this task was a good one, it’s worked out well. I use the “Vinator Bottle Rinser”, which you can probably get at your LHBS or any online vendor. I happened to get mine from

It works very well in a small amount of space, not much to it. You can take it apart easily to clean, and it just is a nice spring-loaded wand that shoots sanitizer up into the bottles that you press down on it. I go a few presses for each bottle, then let it dry out as getting the rest ready. I let the bottles drain out using my FastRack trays so it doesn’t take up much space at all.

Check it out:



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